• Average penis size by country-Taille du penis par pays

    THE internet is full of useful information, much of it unverified but eyebrow-raising. And latest addition to this genre is a colour-coded map of the average penis size by country.

    The data, which says it is a mix of stated and undefined sources, has some ego-shattering information for Australian men if it is to be believed. Australia comes in 94th on the list, with a "measured" average penis size of 13.2cm.

    The information is attributed to "Australia's national agency for health and welfare". Number one on the list is the Congo, with an average "self-reported" penis size of 18cm.

    Rounding out the top five are Ecuador at 17.5cm (measured), Ghana at 17.3 cm (self-reported), Colombia at 17cm (measured) and Venezuela at 17cm (measured).



    Biggest Penis In The World - Can You Make Yours Bigger?

    OK, if you have found this article, you are probably just like
    thousands of other men who are interested in knowing who has the biggest
    penis in the world. First off, you must understand that there is no
    organization that goes around pulling down people's pants to get their
    penis sizes. The few people who hold the records are the ones who have
    come forward claiming to have the largest penis or the longest penis or
    even the widest penis.

    Currently, the record for the biggest penis
    goes to a guy who goes by the interesting name of Jonah Falcon. He
    measured in at a whopping 13.5 inches. This is more than twice the size
    of the average penis which comes in at about 6 - 6.5 inches.

    feel bad if your penis is quite smaller than the guy who holds the
    record. In fact, a penis that is bigger than about 8 inches is pretty
    much useless in satisfying a woman as a woman's vagina can take in only 8
    inches of length.

    However, if you are well below 8 inches or
    maybe even smaller than the average penis size of 6 inches, you could
    consider penis enlargement exercises to gradually increase your penis
    size. Whatever you do, do not try to increase your penis size with pills
    or pumps as they just don't work. Even worse, they can possibly cause
    harm to the health of your penis.

    If you really want to increase
    penis size, the only way to really do it would be by doing penis
    enlargement exercises. Here is a quick low down on penis exercises.


    • Good penis exercises will take about 10 minutes of your day.
    • They will need to be done on a semi erect penis after it has been properly lubricated and warmed up.
    • Enhancement exercises or jelqing as it is called will need to be done everyday for about 6-8 weeks.
    • Enlargement exercises can result in gains of as much as 2 inches although a one inch gain is more likely for people who try it.
    • Enhancement exercises will result in permanent penis enlargement in
      the sense that a person can keep the gains in length and girth of their
      bigger penis even after he has finished an exercise program. There is no
      need to exercise it after one has gained inches.
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